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Liverpool – a truly unique city

Liverpool – a truly unique city

Liverpool by David Humphreys (Creative Commons) Liverpool by David Humphreys (Creative Commons)


Think of Liverpool and you think of the melding of Anglo-Irish culture with all the energy, creativity and abrasiveness that brings.

Liverpool is a truly unique city. In many ways, it’s like New York in miniature; a great port city that has seen millions of people of all nationalities and cultures pass through it over the centuries. It is, of course, a city famous for its sport and its music, but also for its heritage, its culture and its art.

In the UK, it’s perhaps surprising to note that Liverpool has the largest collection of art galleries and museums of any city other than London. And perhaps more than any other city – Liverpool truly manages to put its culture and heritage at its heart for the benefit of tourists and visitors to the city.

Never make the mistake of underestimating the place. If you visit Liverpool, you won’t be disappointed. It’s an incredible city packed full of sites and attractions for lovers of life. From its amazing creative performance spaces, to grand theatres and intimate clubs, this is a wonderful city for anyone in search of entertainment.

Don't miss the famous museum devoted to the lives and times of The Beatles (Creative Commons) Don’t miss the famous museum devoted to the lives and times of The Beatles (Creative Commons)


For history and architecture enthusiasts, there’s no shortage of interest either. As a UNESCO World Heritage City, Liverpool enjoys a nice mix of classic and contemporary as well as, famously, two amazing cathedrals – one beautiful old Anglican cathedral and the famous “Paddy’s wigwam” – the Roman Catholic cathedral.

Then there’s the unforgettable waterfront – with its shops, galleries, museums and wonderful old Albert Dock. This is a city it’s easy to arrive at by train to Lime Street station – then to explore on foot.

And then, there’s the sport. Liverpool embraces sport with open arms from its two Premier League sides to the world’s most famous steeplechase, the Grand National and an excellent championship golf course just outside the city.

Of course, this year’s Grand National is just days away and UK gamblers are expected to wager around £160m on the biggest single gambling day of the calendar. Betfair, the world’s biggest gambling exchange, is expecting more money to be wagered than at any time in its history.

But if there’s one thing that tops sport in this city, then it’s shopping. Liverpool truly is a great retail destination for shopaholics today.

It’s often a cliché to say there’s something for everyone – but in Liverpool, there really is.

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New Zealand’s perfect Indian summer for cricket fans

New Zealand’s perfect Indian summer for cricket fans

New Zealand by Law Murray (Creative Commons)

You never need an excuse to visit New Zealand. This has to be one of the world’s most beautiful countries and – as a developed nation with all the economy and infrastructure that brings with it – the country’s population of just 4.5 million people speaks of just how unspoiled this place remains.

And there are few better times to visit New Zealand than the early part of the year. February and March are akin to August and September in the northern hemisphere and the country really is at its most stunningly beautiful at this time of year. If you wait a little longer, the leaves begin to turn and the colours really are awesome.

But if anyone did need an excuse to visit during the latter part of a New Zealand summer – then the visit of one of the world’s best cricketing sides for a test series is the ideal reason.

At the time of writing, New Zealand have already enjoyed a narrow victory over India in the first Test – after a very close finish in Auckland. This tees things up perfectly for the next Test in the country’s capital, Wellington – beginning on February 13th.

Cable Car in Wellington by Brett Taylor (Creative Commons)

It’s only a two-match series so it’s either going to be a home win or a draw – and the Indians will be absolutely determined to level things up – which makes the betting market very interesting. As things stand, New Zealand are odds-on with Betfair to win the series, which makes the draw a good value bet.

And with Betfair – finding the value is what it’s all about as, of course, you can lay bets back at shorter odds thereby ensuring a profit whatever happens. And a punt on the cricket can really liven things up, particularly if you’re a neutral.

If you can make the trip in time –then the second Test promises to be a thriller. But if you aren’t a cricket fan – then come to New Zealand around this time of year anyway; this country will not disappoint you if you’re a lover of majestic natural beauty.

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Guide to a Family Trip in Montreal

Guide to a Family Trip in Montreal

Montreal is one of the most visited tourist destinations in the world. This beautiful city will remind you of the old European charm and keep you excited with host of tourist attractions and fun-filled activities. Montreal has something to offer to each age group and hence you can safely plan a family friendly holiday here. Here are few tips that could help you plan a joyful trip with your family to Montreal.

Places to Visit

It is vital to plan your itinerary if you are travelling with kids. Ensure that you visit places that are kid-friendly and have some fun-filled activities for them. Some of the best places to visit would be Bio-dome and botanical gardens. Kids simply love these places. Montreal Science Centre attracts several families across the globe every year. You could carry packed lunches and enjoy fabulous time with your kids as they discover insectariums and planetarium and Bio-dome. Kids can also spend a fantastic day living the life of an archaeologist by participating in Archeao-adventure.  You could also hire bicycles and pedal across the city exploring its distinct culture.

Montreal (Photo credit: Montreal (Photo credit:


Dormitories or hostels are a bad idea on a family friendly trip. If you don’t want to blow a fortune on staying at a star hotel, you could probably hire a condo. Condos in Longueil offer state of art living with open roof terraces and sound proof rooms. You can spend some time with your family in lap of nature as these condos are located in the beautiful suburb of Montreal. These condos are in close proximity to major eating, shopping and entertainment spots in the suburb and hence are ideal for your entire family.


If you are looking to buy some real cool stuff without a heavy price tag then Montreal is the place for you. You can shop at numerous high-end stores on Sainte-Catherine Street. You could also visit the Jean-Talon Market, which is the favourite shopping destination of locals. You could purchase variety of clothes, souvenirs, local products and maple items from this market at attractive prices. Don’t forget to look out for discount coupons on deal sites to make the best of your shopping spree.

Montreal at night (creative commons) Montreal at night (creative commons)


Montreal is a hub for foodies. You can sample various local delicacies from cafeterias and restaurants. Opt for a buffet as it turns out to be more economical and you could sample different dishes. Bon Appétit!



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The Strangest Theme Parks

The Strangest Theme Parks

Tired of going to Disneyland? There are more interesting parks out there.

Before the advent of low-cost flights and tropical cruises, parents took their families out on road trips to local theme parks. Nowadays, everybody’s heard of Disney World, Disneyland and the Six Flags Magic Mountain, but there are also a few strange theme parks in the United States. If you want to take your kids out on an adventure they’ll never forget, you might want to consider some of these:

Gilroy Gardens Family Theme Park (Creative Commons) Gilroy Gardens Family Theme Park (Creative Commons)

1. Gilroy Gardens Family Theme Park – Gilroy, CA

When people hear of Gilroy, they usually think of garlic. The city may be a vampire’s least favorite city in the world, but it’s a vegetarian’s dream. Gilroy is home to the Gilroy Gardens Family Theme Park, a vegetable-themed amusement park. Rides include the Banana Split, a swinging ship ride shaped in the form of a banana, the Mushroom Swing, a mushroom-shaped swing ride, and the Garlic Twirl, a ride where children get into giant garlic bulbs that rotate like in a “tea-cup” ride.

2. Holy Land Experience – Orlando, FL

There is no end to the number of attractions one can visit if you’re heading over to Orlando. In 2010, Universal Studios opened the Wizarding World of Harry Potter, and, as DialAFlight reports, “in an effort to compete with the Harry Potter phenomenon, Walt Disney World announced that it will be opening a major Avatar attraction at its Animal Kingdom at Walt Disney World Resort”. Now theme parks left and right of Orlando are trying to come up with the most unique amusement park possible. The Holy Land Experience probably takes the cake, combining Sunday school with Six Flags. Here, kids can learn all about ancient Jerusalem and the story of Jesus.

3. Dig This – Las Vegas, NV

Who doesn’t remember digging in their sand box trying to reach China? And who has never stared up at a crane and wished they could drive it? Dig This lets you do just that. Giving customers the chance to drive a bulldozer or excavator, Dig This has been voted TripAdvisor’s #1 Attraction in Las Vegas.

BONUS: Window of the World – Shenzhen, China

In case playing with those excavators somehow does get you to China, you can check out the Window of the World amusement park, a park that contains miniaturized models of 130 tourist attractions from all over the world. There are also numerous international-themed cafes within the park, so you can really feel like you’re visiting each country as you go to each attraction.

Window_on_the_world_manhattan_island_by_Affablebeef Window on the World, Manhattan Island by Affablebeef (Creative Commons)

See, vacationing doesn’t have to involve a long-haul flight to the other side of the world. There are plenty of things to see in your own country, should you know where to look.

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